Tomorrow is still July (Sutra je jos uvek juli)

Director: Dejan Vlaisavljevic Nikt Producer Writer: Dejan Vlaisavljevic Nikt, Producer: Bez Ocko, Dejan Vlaisavljevic Nikt, Production company: Pilana Studio & Remaining Light, Language: Serbian, US/Serbia, 2020, 90′, Black & White and Color, Rights: World 

Private Detective Johnny Paluba crime story.

After witnessing the murder of nightclub dancer Patra Kleo, Belgrade’s private sleuth Johnny Paluba is on a quest to find the killer. Police inspector Todorov, newly decommissioned is also looking to solve the crime. In the process, they may have discovered a lost Serbian film made during WW2.
Tomorrow is still July is a homage to Sam Fuller’s Crimson Kimono, Robert Aldrich’s Kiss me deadly, Fritz Lang’s The Big Heat, and movies by Louis Feuillade.


 Director Bio

Dejan Vlaisavljevic Nikt was born in 1967 in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia. He is a director, writer, actor, composer, comix artist known for Paluba ispod Terazija (2016) and Big Bang Kiss (2005).


Dejan Vlaisavljevic Nikt
Predrag Bambic
Ana Bretsnajder
Violeta Goldman
Arnaud Humbert
Milica Suznjevic


2020 International film festival, Belgrade, Serbia.

2020 International film festival Palić, Serbia,

2020 Meta film festival, Belgrade, Serbia.