Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves

Animation Director: Chintis Lundgren Writers: Chintis Lundgren and Draško Ivezić, Producers:  Production: Chintis Lundgreni, Animatsioonistuudio Adriatic Animation, Miyu Productions, Estonia / Croatia / France, 2019, 18′, Rights: World except for Switzerland, Education and public libraries WW, France and Estonia

Toomas, an exemplary office worker, has to support his family after losing his job, without telling his wife that he has to work as a gigolo. A funny and bold story with crazy characters that you want to see in bizarre situations.

After losing a well-paid engineering job, Toomas, a young hot wolf, gets cornered into working as a gigolo to support his family. He is keeping it a secret from his pregnant wife Viivi. Viivi also has a secret: she is attending a female empowerment seminar involving male slaves. When Toomas gets a role in a sexploitation movie, it becomes harder to keep his new profession a secret.

Target audience: Adult

Directors Bio

Chintis Lundgren is an Estonian-born animator currently living in Croatia. Self-taught, Lundgren’s body of work includes an assortment of quirky music videos, PSAs and short films featuring a light, absurdist tone along with distinct anthropomorphic characters. In 2011, Lundgren created her own animation studio called Chintis Lundgreni Animatsioonistuudio and later co-founded Adriatic Animation, an animation studio based in Croatia.

Her films (including the award-winning shorts, Manivald (2017) and Life with Herman H. Rott (2015)) have screened at numerous international festivals including Sundance, Toronto, Annecy, Animafest Zagreb, Hiroshima and Ottawa.