Traveller from the North (Il Viaggiatore del Nord)

Director:  Alessandro Stevanon, Producers: Alessandro Stevanon and Claudia De Davide, Production: Akhet, Italy, 8′, 2016, Rights: World 

A history and archaeology documentary. A simple pile of stones, if looked at with the attentive eyes of an archaeologist,  it represents a discovery of exceptional value capable of rewriting the history of an entire territory. As happened during the extension works of the hospital in Aosta where in a structure with a diameter of about 18 meters a prestigious burial mound was discovered which housed the burial of a Celtic warrior dated to the 7th century. B.C. A unique find in the panorama of the territories north-west of the Alps, which opens up new and unexpected scenarios on the movements of the peoples of the Celtic tradition of the early Iron Age.


2019 Festival International du Film Archéologique de Saint-Dizier Panorama –
2019  Festival International du Film d’Archéologie Competition –
2018 Icronos – Festival International du Film Archeologique Competition –
2018  Rassegna del Documentario e della Comunicazione Archeologica Cinema e Archeologia –
2018  Festival du Film d’Archéologie d’Amiens Panorama –
2017  Festival Internacional de Cine Arqueológico del Bidasoa CBA –
2016  RAM Film Festival – Rassegna Internazionale del Cinema Archeologico Concorso –