Triskelion A Celtic Identity: in production

Script writer/Director: Garry Keane,  Videoplugger with partners, Countries: UK/Republic of Ireland/France/Spain/Italy/US  Language: Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Manx, Breton, Cornish, Planned release date early 2026

A three-part documentary series searching the essence of “being a Celt”. A new international television docuseries aims to explain the meaning of being a Celt, from 2000 years ago to the present day and into the future. Also planned is a cinematic version for distribution in theatres.

Defining who the Celts were over 2000 years ago is a challenge for historians and archaeologists. Even more difficult is understanding who today proudly claims these roots in everyday life. The docuseries Triskelion will investigate what remains of Celtic identity: is it plausible that these ancient people still influence the customs, traditions, culture, and spirituality of people living today? The series explores the connection between Celtic identity and figurative art, the passion for Celtic music and dance, and how these elements contribute to a sense of belonging. It also questions who can define themselves as Celtic today: is it a matter of language or place of birth? Is it about culture or DNA?

Triskelion will try to find out if owning a Celtic identity is a widespread or rare and elitist feeling, whether it is an inclusive concept or one that aims to exclude, examining the connection between cultural identity, language, genetic roots, and geographical origins.

But what is the truth, if there is one? Who were the ancient Celts in the first place? What is their place, if any at all, in the world today and in the future? Ultimately: what does it mean, in the 21st century, to identify as a Celt?

Suggested Cast

Ola Majekodunmi: (She/Her) Origin: Nigeria, Languages: Irish/English

Ola is a Nigerian-born broadcaster and Irish speaker, raised in Dublin.  She is a TV producer, writer and presenter, and also has a show on Raidió na Life. Ola has hosted various high-profile events and conferences, including Dublin Tech Summit’s Diversity in Tech Awards and Education Training Board Ireland.

Iria Lamas: (She/Her) Origin: Galicia, Languages: Galician/Catalan/Spanish

Iria is from Galicia and trained as an actress on the Galician, Catalan, and Madrid stage. She appeared in the series “Fariña” directed by Carlos Sedes and Jorge Torregosa, as well as the TVG program “Malo Será.”

Iria runs her own theatre company called Stracciatella Teatro and shares her knowledge by teaching theatre classes to various groups and communities.

Martin Okasili: (He/Him) Origin: Northern Ireland/Nigeria, Language: English

Martin grew up in Craigavon, and now lives in London. He’s one of the few prominent black Irish musicians to come to mainstream attention, mainly through his debut album ‘The Invisible History Of The Black Celt’. 

Martin also managed residential homes for traumatised children and young people.

As someone with African and Irish heritage, Martin is intrigued by the construction of class identity, and concepts such as Irishness, Celticness, and Blackness.

Padrig Morin: (He/Him) Origin: Brittany, France, Languages: French, Breton

Padrig is a Breton and Celtic artist who grew up in a Breton environment, but Padrig belongs to a generation where the native language was not passed down. 

After retiring from the Red Cross, Padrig is dedicated to his artwork, and to the study of Breton, with an interest in global cultural exploration and expression. 

Ruth Keggin: (She/Her) Origin: Isle of Man, UK, Languages: Manx/English

Ruth lives in the Isle of Man, she is a Manx Gaelic singer-songwriter dedicated to sharing the music and language of her island with a global audience. 

Outside of music, Ruth works as Yn Greinneyder (‘The Encourager’) as a Manx Language Development Officer on the Isle of Man where she works to support and promote the use of Manx Gaelic.  

Edoardo McKenna: (He/Him) Origin: Italy (Mother Italian, Father Scottish), Languages: Scottish Gaelic/Italian

Edoardo is a linguist from Fidenza, Italy, with Scottish-Italian heritage.  Much of his research looks into the cultural and linguistic heritage of the Celtic peoples, and he has developed a critical approach to the idea of Celtic identity.

Jalisa Andrews: (She/Her) Origin: Wales, UK (Father Welsh, Mother Jamaican descendant), Languages: Welsh/English

Jalisa is a TV and theatre actress born and raised in South Wales, and Welsh is her first language. She appeared in the 2022 Netflix film “Christmas on Mistletoe Farm” and the 2021 mini-series “Backwashed”, in the 2019 BBC3 series “The Left Behind”, She also made an appearance in the film “Nativity Rocks!”. She has both danced and modelled for television presenter Gok Wan. 

Alan Stivell (He/Him) Origin: Brittany, France, Languages: Breton/French

Alan is an internationally renowned harp player and one of the early promoters of modern World and Celtic music. His recognition of Celtic influences in pop-rock music inspired his Celtic rock, mainly sung in the Breton language. His first album, “Telenn geltiek” (Celtic Harp) was released in the 1960s, propelling him to international recognition.  Alan has become a symbol of the Breton and Celtic identity and has introduced the concept of Celtic music to countless musicians and fans worldwide.

Luca Vullo (He/Him) Origin: Italy, Languages: Italian, English

Luca is an Italian film director, producer, theatre director, performer, TV presenter, and communication coach, with a diverse range of talents and experiences. As a respected speaker, he has participated in TEDx events in Varese (2019) and Modena (2021). Additionally, Luca works as a communication coach for various companies and institutions.  Notable directorial works include the documentary films ‘INFLUX’ (Netflix,2016), ‘From Sulphur to Coal’ (2011), ‘The Voice of the Body’ (2011), ‘CCÀ SEMU – Here We Are, Lives On Hold In Lampedusa’ (2018), and ‘Dallas in Prizzi’ (2018). 

About the director

Garry Keane is an award winning Irish  director. He embarked on his career by studying Journalism and Photography at the esteemed London College of Communication. He then honed his skills further by delving into the world of Film and TV at the Irish National Film School at IADT. Graduating in 1990, Garry moved between New York and London, establishing himself as a Director of Photography before finally settling in Ireland, where he has been a documentary filmmaker for the last 25 years.

Garry had directed over 100 hours of documentaries for all the top European and American broadcasters, spanning across more than 20 countries worldwide. His body of work has earned him recognition and acclaim, with an impressive 20 nominations for the Irish Film & Television Awards. Amongst these nominations, Garry secured nine coveted awards, including two wins in the esteemed “Best Director TV” category in 2013 and 2018.

His feature documentary, ‘GAZA,’ was five years in the making and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2019. The film transcended borders, captivating audiences in over 60 international film festivals, where it garnered 11 award nominations, ultimately triumphing in eight categories. Notably, ‘GAZA’ proudly represented Ireland as the country’s entry in the ‘Best International Feature’ category at the 2020 Oscars.

“One of Sundance’s Most Anticipated Films GAZA”

Harpers Bazaar

“It’s gorgeously shot with breath taking imagery. It’s undeniably powerful and eye-opening”.

The Hollywood Reporter

His most recent feature documentary is the 2023 ‘IN THE SHADOW OF BEIRUT’ which was nominated for 2024