Under Guardianship (Taht El Wesaya)

Directors: Mohammad Shaker Khodeir-Ramy Nassif, Producer: Saadi Jawhar, Production company: MEDIAHUB, World Sales: Prime-Target, Country: Egypt, Language: Arabic, 15x 45′ 2023, Territories: Australia, NZ, North America, including Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Brazil.
Following the death of her husband, a mother of two is forced to confront a patriarchal society to keep custody of her children-even if it means becoming a fisherwoman.

The show follows Hanan (Mona Zaki), a widowed mother of two who escapes from her brother-in-law’s home — forcing herself into a situation where she has to find employment to hold onto the custody of her children. Hanan finds her way to Damietta, where she takes over her late husband’s boat to become a fisherman, all while trying to keep her brother-in-law from finding her and her children.
The series has been a hit across the Middle East and the series has sparked calls for reform of Egyptian family law that prevent mothers from legal guardianship if their spouse passes away. Read more in this Guardian article.


“The show is a heart-wrenching portrayal of widowed women’s struggles with a patriarchal society and legislation that complicates matters of custody. [Mona] Zaki puts on a brilliant performance, and the show’s cinematography is top-notch.”





Mona Zaki
Ahmad Khaled Saleh


2023 Nominee

2023 Nominee