UP&Down- An Ordinary Film

Directed by: Paolo Ruffini and Francesco Pacini, Production: Non C’è Problema, Laser Film, Fenix Entertainment and Agnus Dei Production, 75′ film, 2018, Rights: World

Five actors with Down syndrome and one autistic are the protagonists of this social doc that follows this very special company on a tour of Italian theaters. This is UP&Down – An ordinary film, a docufilm directed by Paolo Ruffini and Francesco Pacini. 

The actors Federico, Andrea, Erika, Giacomo, Simone, and David, are all part of the theater company Legor Mayor Von Frinzius directed by Lamberto Giannini, with whom Paolo Ruffini has created the show “UP & DOWN”, which staged sold-out shows in some of the most important theatres in Italy; The National Theater of Milan, Teatro Sistina in Rome and Teatro Verdi in Florence.

The documentary tells of the adventures of these very special actors. Through repertoire material, their relationship with the entertainment world, behind the scenes, on-tour of theatres throughout Italy.

The theatre show “UP & DOWN” is a comedy happening with depth, where irony and irreverence accompany the audience on a journey that talks of the beauty that resides in diversity.

As the film’s manifesto describes, these extraordinary individuals are paradoxical super-heroes with the unconscious power to do the impossible.

“Normality is an illusion, an invention for those without imagination”

                                                                                     Alda Merini

Director Paolo Ruffini explains “I started shooting this film with the intention of conveying in an authentic way the wonder I discovered working with these actors… When I finished shooting I realized that I had just started learning. It was a real adventure in which nothing was normal. “The cinema – concludes the director – is the place where dreams really exist, and this film is as real as a dream.

“UPandDown – A normal film” took shape in me, just like a recurring dream. And although I know every single frame by heart, I still get deeply moved every time, but maybe that is normal … ”

Venice Film Festival, Kinéo Movie Diamond Award, for the best socially relevant documentary.