Directors/Writers: Chris Squadrito and Jasper Marlow, Production company: 16Czechs, Country: Australia, Language: English, web series 6×10′ approx(76′) in total, 2023, Territories: World (except Australia)

#VANLIFE (EMOTIONAL) is a multi-award-winning Australian indie thriller  that has garnered massive international and domestic acclaim.

When a seemingly perfect yet hopelessly unsuccessful Youtube #VanLife couple Zach & Kiki, accidentally commit a murder whilst live streaming straight to their fans, they decide to capitalise on their rapidly growing infamy by making one more vlog before turning themselves in. But as they attempt to maintain an idyllic plant-based lifestyle on the run, their relationship begins to strain – and this millennial Bonnie & Clyde find the hunt for fame more perilous than they had ever imagined.

Creators Statement

“Ultimately, the show is about the breakdown of a very human relationship, set in the absurd world of Youtube van lifers, and tells its story with a darkly twisted bent, especially as the show goes on and things take a turn for the weird.  The show seems to be resonating with people, especially overseas. We couldn’t be happier.”
Chris Squadrito and Jasper Marlow.


International Drama Award Finalist, Screen Producers Award (SPA) Finalist, AACTA Finalist.
Officially ranked in the TOP FIVE Best Web Series globally at the 2023 Web Series World Cup.
Best Series (Comedy) at 2023 STAREABLE FEST NEW YORK.
Best Thriller / Best Director / Best Actor / Best Actress at BALTIMORE NEXT MEDIA FEST


 Annabelle Stephenson As Kiki

Leinad Walker As Zach