Director/Writer: Rodrigo Guerrero, Producer: Lorena Quevedo Production: Twins Latin Films, Copro: Tu Vas Voir, France/Argentina, Language: Spanish; Italian, English, French, 73′ / 3×25′ , 2019, Rights: World  (Except LATAM)

No one should be widowed on their own honeymoon

Sofia walks the streets of Venice enduring the pain of an unexpected loss. Absence and silence, but also chance encounters, her life and magic, the city, her people and her unknown streets fill her unsuccessful stay in one of the most emblematic and desired cities to live a honeymoon.

Directors Note

When an unexpected and abrupt event reveals to us how finite things really are (including our own existence) then one becomes disconnected from daily reality. Suddenly, we appreciate the flow of time and space in a different way. We are in limbo. The knowledge of that emptiness leaves us with a sense of death, loss or abandonment: we feel the absurdity of our existence when we see and confirm, much to our dismay, that the world continues to spin. Then we understand that we are nothing. Or that we are what we are: individuals looking for ways to enrich our senses and reasons to give our lives meaning. The only way to move forward is to be able to accept and leave behind those painful experiences, but also treasure the wisdom they offer us. We transform, we resist, we grow, and it all makes us stronger.

“[The film/ miniseries] pays homage to a certain Italian cinema centred on loneliness and alienation – Antononini’s films, for example, or Rossellini’s JOURNEY TO ITALIA.”

 “Argentine writer-director Rodrigo Guerrero has created a classy, understated film/miniseries tackling themes of loneliness, changing circumstances and newfound freedom that is simultaneously moving and uplifting.”

   Edinburgh International filmfestival


“Using a tourist spot in a very clever and creative way, the director of ‘Winter of the Weird’ somehow pays homage to a certain Italian cinema focused on loneliness and alienation (…) to tell a story of fracture and emotional reconstruction.”

Micropsiacine  Diego Lerer


Lussi’s performance is heart-aching and sorrowful.

The Skinny


Director’s Bio

Rodrigo Guerrero was born in Cordoba, Argentina, in 1982. He has a degree in Film and Television as a graduate from the National University of Cordoba. He also has a Masters Degree in Creating Audiovisual Screenplays from the International University in La
Rioja, Spain. Since early childhood, he had ties to the theatre circles of Cordoba, Argentina. His first forays into the audiovisual field were in the area of Production until later on when he created his own projects as a director and screenwriter. His first feature film “EL INVIERNO DE LOS RAROS”, had its world premiere at the  40th International Film Festival in Rotterdam 2011 and later was selected to participate in numerous international festivals. His second feature film as director is titled, “EL TERCERO” which premiered at 16th edition of the BAFICI (April 2014). The film has participated in several international festivals; some highlights include the 50th Chicago International Film Festival and the 36th International Festival of New Latin American Film of Havana, Cuba (36º Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana). For his work as director, he received the distinction of best directing at the Festival Libercine in 2014. In 2015 he received the National Creation Scholarship from the National Fund for the
Arts for the writing of his next feature film. His third feature film project, “VENEZIA”, participated in the Production Workshop 2015
– Talents en Acción / Talents Buenos Aires, the Bolivia Lab 2016 and it was selected for the Medellin LabGuion 2016. In December 2018 the film participated in the market section ‘Copia Final’ in Ventana Sur. The film will have its world premiere in the 73rd
edition of Edinburgh International Film Festival in June, 2019. His fourth feature film, “PERIMETRAL”,  was shot in 2019 in Córdoba.


Paula Lussi

Margherita Mannino

Alessandro Bressanello (The Hand of God)

Pablo Scarpelli