Welcome to Köping (Välkommen till Köping)

Director: Gustav Boman, Producer: Jack Beijer, Prodco: Production: Nexiko Drama, Commissioned by Discovery, Country: Sweden, Language: Swedish, 2 seasons S01 08×42′ S02 14×42′, 2020-2022, Rights: World (No Scandinavia)

In the small Swedish town of Köping, we get to know a very unique set of characters, a group of friends with various disabilities that try to make the most out of the summer. Spearheaded by the fun-loving Linda Hammar, they tackle everyday ups and downs in their own unique way. They experience love and heartbreaks, bowling records and birthday parties. Welcome to Köping is a genuinely feel-good and honest reality show, about a bunch of friends with challenges above the ordinary, and a zest for life.



Linda Hammar
Mats Halvarsson
Torbjörn Jonsson
Frans “Frasse” Pettersson