White Lies (Bulle)

Director: Anne DELUZ, Script: Anne DELUZ, Ståle STEIN BERG, Béatrice GUELPA, co-production: RTS, INTERMEZZO FILMS, In collaboration with: Film and Pictures, Switzerland, 6×52′, 2020, Rights: Italy, UK, Sweden, Bulgaria.

Bulle, is a charming Swiss town facing an industrial transformation. This picture-postcard landscape is home to the Aubert family, whose pleasant domestic life is destroyed by Alice’s illness at the age of just thirty five.

It is a shock wave that pierces the cocoon that everyone has surrounded themselves with, and brings up the past once again – real, imagined, and hidden by love. The family is forced to open up, not just to the present and the future, but to the foreign and to a strange reality.


Jacques POBST
Antoine BASLER
Caroline GASSER