WHITE SHARK- LEGEND OF THE MEDITERRANEAN (Tiburón Blanco-Leyenda Del Mediterraneo)

Directors: David Pernías Ayuso, Diego Chianelli, Carlos Aledo Buitrago, Original Idea: David Pernias Ayuso, Production: School of shark, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish, 37′, 2021, Rights: World

A scientific research documentary with theories and analysis of the existence of populations of the great white shark in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, where no sightings have been documented for more than 30 years.

This research studies the behaviours of a prehistoric predator, victim and still survivor of persecution, fear and indiscriminate fishing by man.

A documentary that traces the past and present of the White Shark in the Mediterranean. Worldwide experts will discover the secrets of this enigmatic predator. Welcome to an exciting journey that will introduce us to the great white.


Winner International Film Festival of Mexico FICAA.
Selected by Madrid Indie Film Festival, MADRIFF