Why Not? (Zato, ker lahko)

Director: Jan Marin, Producer:  Jure Kreft, Copyright: Fixmedia, Co-producer: Slovenian Film Center, Slovenia, 4K, 10×10”, 2019, Rights: World

Why Not?‘ a family science show for from 10+. The original title ‘Zato, ker lahko’ translates literally to ‘Because we can’ and this playfulness underpins this educational entertainment show from Slovenia. We get to explore our presenters Tadej and Gep‘s secret love for explosions. It educates about chemical experiments but is mainly made for entertaining viewers of all ages. The atmosphere of the series is relaxed and leaves a lot of place for spontaneity between the presenters. It catches fun, unconventional moments and tears down the border between reality and fiction. The educational part of the show is presented mainly through Gep’s enthusiasm for science, but the series dynamics follows Tadej, who learns just enough facts to help him reach his explosive goal.

We are happy to represent this lively science entertainment show, that is like a Slovenian ‘Brainiac’ meets ‘Mythbusters’. Ideal for localisation.



Tadej and Gep test how much energy is in the sugar on top of the donut. The answer is a lot – you can literally make a high-flying rocket with it. When they make their rockets, they challenge each other to a dual. Whose rocket flies higher, longer and more precise?


The kitchen salt is made from a soft butter-like metal called sodium and the gas of war crimes – chlorine. The presenters decide to have a picnic in the quarry, where they create an explosion of sodium and chlorine to get enough salt for their steaks, zucchinis and salad.


The most explosive metal in the world: caesium. It has a chocolate-like texture; it is solid on a room temperature, but would melt in your mouth – that is, if it didn’t blow up before. Tadej and Gep decide to test, what happens, when you drop a bit of caesium in a bathtub with a drone.


Gep challenges Tadej to clean the studio with Coca Cola. It works. But the acids can be much stronger. They test piranha mixture on a dead insect that dissolves instantly! Will it work also with real meat?


The presenters prepare an explosive polygon. It is full of substances that catch fire or explode, when they are pressed on. Lake of acid is also present. Each of them makes a little turbo boost for their race car.

KARAOKE (karaoke)

We all know, that helium gas makes your voice higher. But there is also xenon gas, that makes your voice deeper! The effect is so funny, that Tadej and Gep decide to make a dancing performance of Slovenian folk song on non-Newtonian fluid, using the effect of both gasses.


Imagine, that zombies really start messing around Earth. How to protect ourselves with homemade weapons. It’s well known, that zombies hate fire, so Tadej and Gep make a real flamethrower, that works with (you read it right) cinnamon. To destroy the head of a burnt zombie, they use homemade explosive made from Aspirin.

HYDROGEN BOMB (hydrogen)

Hydrogen bomb – but not the nuclear one. With the help of electrolysis, the presenters get some hydrogen from water. Then they create enormous explosive balloons and take a bow with fiery arrows to compete, who gets to shoot down the hydrogen balloon first.

THE CANNON (the cannon)

After exploring everything about how people used to make cannons, the presenters decide to make nitrocellulose in their own way: with a special procedure, you can turn anything paper, even money, into an explosive. Then they test to fill up their cannon with all sorts of different stuff: eggs, forks, beans and 2 different smartphones. Will an old Nokia beat new iPhone?

LATERS, CAR! (the car explosion)

The episode has one simple goal: to create the biggest explosion possible. Tadej and Gep are joined by a special guest, experienced in creating special effects, who advises them on how to be as effective as possible when blowing up an old car.