With Or Without You (Inconvivencia)

Director: Mariano Hueter, Producer:  Writers: Ezequiel Goldstein and  Mariano Hueter, Production: Kuarzo Entertainment,  Country: Argentina, Language: Spanish, 2019, 10×30′, Rights: Ready Made: UK, France, Italy, French speaking countries, German speaking countries, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Scandinavia and ex Yugoslavia. Format: World

“With or without you” tells the story of Caro (Laurita Fernández) and Lucas (Tomás Fonzi) a couple that, after seven years of relationship, faces a crisis. To try to save their love, they intend to end what is drowning them: living together.

Caro and Lucas, choose to live separately while remaining together, their experiment initially appears successful. Lucas finds newfound freedom and time for his projects, while Caro realizes that cohabitation has been stifling her. However, their arrangement turns unexpectedly when Caro becomes entangled with Pablo, a patient from her psychology sessions, igniting repressed desires within her. As Caro’s infidelity comes to light, their relationship is strained and a rift forms between them. Meanwhile, Lucas also explores a parallel story with another man. As they grapple with the consequences of their choices and reflect on their connection, the question remains whether their relationship can withstand the emerging challenges.



Best series 2019 Television.com.ar

Selected at Berlinale Series 2020