ZéroStérone (ZeroSterone)

Director: Nadja Anane, Created by: Nadja Anane, Éléonore Costes, Sandy Lobry, Marion Séclin, Production: La Dame de Cœur, Effervescence Fiction, France Télévisions,  France, 2019, 7×15’/105′, Rights: World

ZeroSterone is a dystopian comedy-drama vision of a future without men. Created by four women Nadja Anane, Éléonore Costes, Sandy Lobry and Marion Séclin.

The Earth has been without men for 108 years, all men disappeared because of a chemical war that killed them. Humanity is surviving thanks to women and the last few sperm banks. Men now form part of natural history relegated to theme parks where they are studied with bemusement by women who never even had a father. Every woman is obliged to be inseminated at the sperm bank otherwise they will be shunned by society, and forced to live a life in hiding. Now the turn has come to Lucie (Eléonore Costes) who reluctantly heads for her appointment along with her sister Charlie (Sandy Lobry). On their way to the appointment, they are taken hostage by Gabrielle (Marion Seclin) a fugitive, on the run from the state lab, where she and others have been used as lab rats, now on a quest to find the last man on Earth.

The three women are thrust together, with the aid of a robot (Fabian Wolfrom) on a hilarious and dangerous road trip. On the run from the policewomen Sarah played by Shirley Souagnon (Spiral), Barbara and the evil dictator Governor Kim played by Catherine Hosmalin (Mr. Bean’s Holiday), searching for the truth about the last man on Earth.

ZeroSterone is a thrilling short-form series also available as a feature with plenty of comical and satirical moments.


“Subtle and benevolent, ZeroSterone has fun mixing genres through a plot that is both dramatic – serious and oppressive – but also comical, with hilarious situations/replicas. A confusing contrast, nonetheless jubilant, when one lets oneself embarked by this assumed comic-tragic aspect, in which the satire of the ‘man’ is never nauseating, provocative or malicious since feminism exacerbating takes for its rank just like the society of over-consumption (100 years later, we are at the iPhone 87+). It must be said that the creators of the series have the eye to spot the little fun details of everyday life and sci-fi movies to deliver a succession of valves that fly every dialogue.” Loïc Marie Series addicted

About the director Nadja Anane:
She is a director,  writer and director of photography, she first became known on the web: she was part of the collectives Golden Mustache and Studio Bagel. The videos in which she participated accumulated several million views. She then directed television series, including Like me (12×26 min), broadcast on France 4, the unitary Les Impunis, or the documentary series Rêvolution Digitale (10x26min). Nadja is also collaborating with new platforms, such as the Love in translation series (selected at the Luchon festival). 

ZeroSterone was featured at Series Mania 2019.