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Videoplugger is your content agency for video syndication, footage distribution and TV rights clearance – all of which are facilitated and professionally handled on a global scale.


Find out more about Videoplugger’s extensive range of services:

Are you a TV station or broadcaster looking for the best online video source, news video, archives or red carpet celebrity footage? Videoplugger is the TV rights agency with an extensive database that will have the online video content you need. Sign up to here.

Video footage research: finding rare video footage on your behalf

Do you need assistance researching and sourcing rare video footage? Videoplugger is the tv rights agency with an extensive international network  of content producers and can easily find and obtain the footage you need.

Video production services: available anywhere in the world and at any time

Do you need event coverage and video production services? Videoplugger offers customised solutions for your event coverage headaches. From video production services to film crews on location, we can organise everything for you and produce tailor-made footage and content including vox pops, interviews, backstage and red carpet footage.

Finding new clients: become a contributor

Are you a videographer wanting to increase your revenue from international sales of your video content? Simply register as a contributor on and create a personalized account to syndicate and sell your videos around the world.

Video licensing, rights clearance and copyright: we’ve got the legal side of things covered

Do you need expert advice on video licensing or copyright infringement? Videoplugger the TV rights agency have a team of media consultants who can take care of video licensing negotiations, rights clearances and video-related legal compliance issues.

Would you like more information? Find out more about our extensive range of video distribution services by sending an email to or call us on +44 (0) 20 8659 2766/6348.