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Videoplugger signs children’s animated series “Little Puskas and Friends”

UK-based sales house Videoplugger together with FILM POSITIVE PRODUCTIONS are delighted to announce that “Little Puskas and Friends” will be represented by Videoplugger for international sales.

An award-winning full-service film production company based in Budapest.  The company has decades of experience in feature film, TV and commercial production. Previous titles include “The Ambassador to Bern”, “Demimonde”, “Post Mortem” and “Blockade”.

About “Little Puskas and Friends” Hungary, 12×7’, 2023
Target audience  6-10-year-olds. The 2D animated TV series is inspired by the children’s books by Kristóf Kemény which in turn are loosely based on the childhood of internationally renowned footballer Ferenc Puskás nicknamed Öcsi meaning Buddy who played with Real Madrid and Liverpool.
Synopsis of the first episode: The six-year-old little Puskas gets home, throws down his schoolbag right away and rushes to the ground nearby. When he arrives at the football court, he meets his best friend, the neighbour boy Cucu, who longingly watches the older boys playing football. Puskas and Cucu want to get into the game more than anything, but the big boys ignore them, even though the two kids try to get their attention. At home after the football game without them, when Puska’s dad sees his son’s despair, he has an idea: Make a rag-ball!

About the director:
Csaba Gellar is a Hungarian animation film director and art director. He graduated from the Animation Department of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) Budapest. He joined the “Animation Sans Frontiéres” international workshop in 2012-2013. Created several animated commercials and shorts, which have been screened in the competition sections at many international festivals.

Laszlo Berderna Producer, FILM POSITIVE PRODUCTIONS said:
”We are proud to have created this series honouring the early life of a legendary footballer  Ferenc Puskás who can be an inspiration for a young generation of footballers, both girls and boys. The English language version was specifically produced for international sales as we believe that these stories are universal and will appeal to all football-loving audiences.”

Ebba Eriksson, Creative Director  Videoplugger said:
“This animation series caught my eye the first time I saw it, Hungarian animation director Csaba Gellar has caught the esthetics of communist 1930s Hungary perfectly. The expression of the characters is brilliant and the storylines are simple stories children anywhere can enjoy football fans or not.”
Little Puskas and Friends ENG trailer