We are happy to announce that Estonian series “The Bank” (Pank) and “Junichi” conceived by Canne D’or winner Hirokazu Kore-Eda have been selected as signature titles by SOONER on their launch.

The German-French owned VoD platform launching today will focus on exclusive international content both in serial and single film form.

Andreas Wildfang Chief Executive Director, ContentScope GmbH said:

“Series content is the native VoD content more than single films, the whole 90-minute film is an arbitrary remain from the 1920s, it just never changed, that’s what I find so interesting with series. Sooner is not just for art-house movies but we are interested in auteur-driven content.”

Kazu Sato Global Sales Manager, Kansai TV said:
‘Junichi’ is a Canneseries nominated work presented by Bunbuku, established by Hirokazu Kore-Eda. We are very pleased to have this great opportunity to bring high-quality Japanese drama series to a European audience”.

Paul Aguraiuja Producer, Itamambuca said:
“I am happy that a new platform with a great concept decided to include ‘PANK’ among their first programmes”.

Emanuele Galloni, CEO Videoplugger said:

On “Pank”:
“We’re so proud to see ‘Pank‘ crossing so many borders and now being welcomed by Sooner in Germany, who strongly believed in this title. There is so much enthusiasm across the international media scene about the series and we’re looking forward to seeing it going beyond and reach more and more audiences”.

On “Junichi”:
“Coming from Japan ‘Junichi‘ has a great cast and hi production value it is a great series and we are proud to collaborate with Kansai TV.”

Other titles in the deal struck between ContentScope GmbH and Videoplugger are the following:

Argentinian crime thriller “The Cleaning Lady” (La chica que limpia) 13×26’, Argentine thriller “Natural Selection” (Selección Natural) 9×11′, “Sect” (Sekta) 8×42′ starring Svetlana Khodchenkova (“Tinker tailor soldier spy”, “The Wolverine”), “Corp +Anam” 8×52′ Irish drama series starring Maria Doyle Kennedy (“Dexter”, “The Tudors”), “Living a Lie” (Byw Celwydd) epic political series commissioned by Welsh broadcaster S4C with Matthew Gravelle (“Broadchurch”) and Cath Ayers (“Keeping Faith”).

Paola Suarez Producer, Jaque Content said:,
“We are delighted with our collaboration with Videoplugger and their expertise in placing ‘The Cleaning Lady’ on Sooner, adding Germany to the growing footprint of this great series from Jaque Content.”

Sergio Carreño Director/Screenwriter, Helena Films said:
​“We are the new kids on the block, so we decided to innovate on many things. Having now ‘Natural Selection’ available in new territories, thanks to ContentScope. Boost for Colombian storytelling, new talent that deserves worldwide attention”.

Paddy Hayes CEO, Magamedia said:
“Delighted that ‘Corp + Anam’ is reaching a wider audience in Germany – we need crusading journalists now more than ever – and this theme of journalists fighting for social justice and the contemporary feel of the series will ensure that the audience will keep coming back for more.”

Branwen Cennard Producer, Tarian Cyf said:
“The continued success of ‘Living a Lie’ is testament to the exceptional production values achieved by the talented crew, cast and writers responsible for the project.”

Amanda Rees, Director of Content, S4C said:
“Welsh language drama continues to grip audiences worldwide and it is exciting to see
that there is a big appetite from new SVOD platforms to acquire an S4C Original series,
such as ‘Living a Lie/Byw Celwydd’.”