Press Release


UK-based sales house Videoplugger together with Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) are delighted to announce that SICK (SJUKT) from Nexiko Drama has been picked up in a deal with SBS, Australia.

SJUKT (SICK), 2021, 8×20’
After surgery, Alice, played by Carla Sehn (Anxious People, Love & Anarchy) learns she’s free of her cervical cancer, but can barely process the good news before she’s dumped by Matt. With no job or a place to live, Alice must leave London with her tail between her legs and move back home to Stockholm. Back in Farsta, with her annoying parents, old bullies that can’t even remember her, and best friend Shantana who now has a girlfriend, Alice realizes she’s got to get her life together.

About Nexiko Drama
Nexiko is a talent-driven independent prizewinning company, producing on all platforms. Nexiko is never too small for any project, never too big. We know how to make great tv, tell engaging stories and make you laugh. Nexiko has received 25 award nominations in Europe and Sweden (Rose D’Or, Swedish Emmy Award Kristallen and Riagalan) and received 8 wins. In only four years Nexiko has launched over 60 productions in all genres, on all platforms. Recent productions include Deg (Dough) and Young Royals.

About the Creator
Lisa Ambjörn graduated from the renowned Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts with a degree in screenwriting in 2018 and has since worked on a range of tv series as a script editor, episode writer, head writer and showrunner. She is currently working on season two of the Netflix hit show Young Royals. SJUKT is based on her own experience of surviving cervical cancer at the age of 24.

Lisa Ambjörn, creator, writer of SJUKT, said:
“I created SJUKT because I wanted another kind of cancer story to be heard. One that deals with what is called” the cancer hangover” in a fun, lively and daring way. It’s a personal story based on my own experiences, but with a universal theme. And I’m thrilled that it gets to travel outside Sweden and reach an even wider audience! “

Siddhant Sharma Program Assessment Manager – Scripted, SBS Special Broadcasting Service Corporation said:
“We really enjoyed Sjukt and are pleased to be presenting it to our audience. The series has a high production value and strong performances from the cast along with a witty dramedy tone that make this title a great candidate for SBS.”

Ebba Eriksson, CD Videoplugger said,
“When we came across Sjukt at Serial Killer festival, I was immediately taken in by its dark comedy and fresh approach to the difficult subject matter of cancer. Up-and-coming script-writing star Lisa Ambjörn (Young Royals) based the series on her experience in overcoming cancer, giving the series a depth of lived experience. Sjukt is sure to delight a new audience in Australia on SBS.”