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UK-based sales house Videoplugger together with Punctum Sales are delighted to announce that a package of six factual documentaries, has been picked up in a deal with UAM.TV for their SVOD service in Italy.

About UAM.TV
UAM.TV is an Italian independent media production company and web tv.

About Punctum Sales
Founded by Rosalía Ortiz de Zárate and Candela Figueira Pizarro, PUNCTUM SALES is an international sales agency specialising in documentaries with offices in Los Angeles and Buenos Aires.

Sebastiano Vianello, General Manager, UAM.TV said:
”We are happy to present to our audience these thought-provoking documentaries from Latin America and beyond.”

Candela Figueira Pizarro CEO/Founder at Punctum Sales, said:
“From Punctum Sales we are very happy that the documentaries are available in the Italian territory and to continue strengthening our relationship with Videoplugger. We prove once again that collaboration is essential for each of the films to reach its audience.”

Ebba Eriksson, CD Videoplugger said:
“We are thrilled that we can bring these beautiful and challenging documentaries from PUNCTUM  to a broader audience in Italy on the burgeoning UAM platform.”


Links to documentaries and trailers:
Sisters of the trees  86’,  Argentina and India

Map of Latin American Dreams 91’,  Argentina, Mexico, and Norway,

My voice will be with you 86’, Belgium and France

A farewell to memory 90’, Argentina

Havana, from on high 80’, Canada

Short Years, Eternal Days 59’, Argentina

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