Daughter of the Law (Filha Da Lei)

Directed by: Sérgio Graciano, Produced by: Stopline Films, Portugal, 2017, 20×42’, Rights: Selected Territories Only

Crisis Special Security Squad

Directed by: Kosuke Suzuki and Keiichiro Shiraki, Producer: Takahiro Kasagi, Scriptwriter: Kazuki Kaneshiro, Production Company: Kansai TV, 10×57′, 2017, Japan, Rights:…

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Code 1

Directed by: David Chan,  Written by: Davis Chan, Meng-He Lan, Hui-Ting Shao, Produced by: United Pictures (Taiwan), Taiwan, 2016, Sci-fi, Rights: World.

Grace Harte

Directed by Charlie McCarthy, Produced by: Wildfire Films, 2017, 3×50′, Rights: World (excluding Ireland).

Corp + Anam (Body and Soul)

Directed by: Darach Mac ConIomaire
Produced by: Magamedia
Ireland, 2015, 2 Seasons 8×52’
Rights: World

Special Division (Hatuk Bazhin) I-II

Directed by: Edgar Baghdasaryan and Aren Malaqyan,
Produced by: Karen Ghazaryan, Arriva Films in association with Sharm Pictures, Armenia Season 1 16×50’, 2015,
Rights: Selected territories