Factual TV Programme Distribution

Videoplugger’s distribution team are also experts in sourcing fascinating, educational and entertaining international factual series. We have a collection of hunting programmes and social investigative documentaries on immigration and we continuously screen new quality content for linear TV and streaming services, such as SVOD, VOD, AVOD, TVOD and Home Video.


The Horse Whisperer of Bodmin Moor

Directed by: Gareth Molan, Producer: Helen Nash, Production: Mister Shark Ltd. 21′, 2017, UK, Rights: World. This is the remarkable story of Dan Wilson ‘The Horse Whisperer of Bodmin Moor’. Based out of his farm in Cornwall, England, Dan is a natural horse trainer, commonly referred to as ‘Horse Whisperer’. Dan was brought up with…

CCÀ SEMU- Here We Are, Lives On Hold In Lampedusa

Directed by: Luca Vullo, produced by: Ondemotive productions/UCL, UK, 30′, film 2018, Rights: World. CCÀ SEMU Here we are, lives on hold in Lampedusa – ‘Here we are ‘ the proverb encompasses how the people from the Italian island of Lampedusa define their place in the world with both pride and resignation. Surrounded by the…

Dallas in Prizzi

Directed by: Luca Vullo, Producer: Dave Atkinson, Executive production: Ondemotive productions, 1×44′ film, 2018,  Rights: World Dallas in Prizzi documents the journey of an artistic team from Dallas, Texas, attempting to reinforce the life and the values of the isolated town of Prizzi in Sicily. The economic and political frustrations of southern Italy are plainly…

language of the body voce del corpo

The Voice of the Body (Voce del Corpo)

Directed by: Luca Vullo, Executive production: Ondemotive productions, 60′ film, 2011, Rights: World A funny, fantastic but also educational journey through the typical Sicilian body language. The Sicilians are famous all over the world, among other things, for this very peculiar way of accompanying every word, conversation or greeting with gestures, facial expressions and movements…


Hunting Aotearoa

Directed by: Richard Curtis, Produced by: Hikoi NZ Ltd, New Zealand, 2017, 13 Seasons, 133×30’, Rights: World

Hunters Magazine

Directed by: Steen Anderson, Produced by: Hunters Magazine, Denmark, 3 Seasons, 39 x 30”, 2017, Rights: Selected Territories

Fishing Programmes (Lov i Ribolov)

Directed by: Jovan Simonovic, produced by: Jovan Productions, Serbia, 40×27’ standalone episodes, 2000-2017, Rights: World

Adventure in Africa, Gredos – Spanish Ibex, Hunting in Serbia, 

Directed by: Jovan Simonovic, Produced by: Jovan Productions, Serbia, 8×27’, Rights: World.